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Public Utility Services in Rajgir

The city of Rajgir, being home to numerous temples and tourist attractions is rapidly developing to be a major tourist hotspot in the country. The government is taking sincere efforts to promote tourism to its optimum in Rajgir. To cater to the needs of the locals and the visitors, various public utilities are made available to the people at the right time and in the right manner. Thus various utilities like hospitals, emergency services, transport services, postal and courier services are made available to the people in Rajgir.

Utility services in Rajgir

Administration in Rajgir

Rajgir is one of the three important sub divisions of the district of Nalanda. The collector is thus responsible for the administration of the city and the district as a whole. The responsibilities of the collector include planning and development, maintaining law and order, arms licensing, disaster management, crisis management, addressing public grievances, census etc. The collector is assisted by various officers in discharging his duties.

District Magistrate and Collector
Sri Kartikey Dhanji Budhdhabhati, I.A.S.
Nalanda - 803101
Phone: Office: 06112-235203
Residence: 06112-235204
Fax: 06112-235205

Safety and Security in Rajgir

Safety in RajgirBeing an important tourist and pilgrim site in the state of Bihar, ensuring the safety security and welfare of the locals and the tourists is one of the prime concerns of the police department in Rajgir. The police force in Rajgir comprises of a well-disciplined and dedicated team of police officers, ever ready to help those in distress. From terrorism and murders to petty thefts, the police in Rajgir are equipped to deal with all kinds of crises and do their best to ensure that the guilty are brought to justice.

Superintendent of Police, Nalanda
Address: Nalanda- 803101
Phone : Office : 06112-235207
Residence : 06112-235206
Email :
Fax : 06112-233976

SPDO, Rajgir
Phone No: 9431800111

Rajgir Mifassir Police Station
Phone No: 9431822177

Rajgir Police Station
Phone No: 9431822176

Healthcare Services in Rajgir

Effective and efficient healthcare services are provide to the people in Rajgir through various initiatives undertaken by the government. The Government Hospital, with qualified and well trained specialists, provides a number of services and facilities to the people free of cost. In addition, the private hospitals, clinics and nursing homes in Rajgir are equipped with good infrastructure, well trained staff to handle medical emergencies and also provide a variety of facilities like ambulance, blood bank, doctors on call 24/7 at affordable rates for the convenience of the people. The pharmaceutical stores in Rajgir remain open for 24 hours and some even offer free home delivery services, thus acting as life saviours during emergencies. Apart from regular medications, these shops also provide some essential goods of daily necessities.

Banking Services in Rajgir

Utility services in Rajgir

Rajgir faces a constant influx of tourists and pilgrims throughout the year. Thus to cater to their needs and enable them to carry out various monetary transactions with ease, major banks like State Bank of India, HDFC, Canara Bank, Bank of Baroda have established their branches throughout the city. To add to the convenience of the tourists as well as the locals, banks like Bank of India, State Bank of India, HDFC have set up their ATMs in convenient spots in the city, offering their services to the people.

Traffic and Transport in Rajgir

Its strategic location and easy connectivity have made Rajgir one of the most prominent pilgrim destinations in India. The clean roads and orderly movement of traffic have added to the charm of this place. Rajgir city is well connected to major Indian cities by rail, road as well as airways. As it does not have its own airport, Gaya International Airport and Lok Nayak Jayaprakash airport in Patna are the airports nearest to Rajgir. Rajgir Railway Station has regular trains to adjoining cities, while the one at Gaya, near Rajgir is the nearest major railway point. Bihar State Road Transport Corporation (BSRTC) operated buses, shared jeeps can be used to travel to nearby cities from Rajgir, whereas auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, tongas form the means of transport within the city.

Postal Services in Rajgir

Mail delivery in Rajgir

The city of Rajgir, being one of the rapidly developing cities in Bihar has a well organised postal network with post offices at different locations within the city. These post offices perform various duties like timely transmission and delivery of mails, money order, postal order, savings account, parcels, philately etc. With the advancement of technology, various additional services like automated mail processing, mail network optimisation, track and trace are also performed by the post offices in addition to their regular functions. The District Head Post office is located in Bihar Sharif in Nalanda. For those opting for timely or ‘just in time’ delivery of sent or booked items, there are courier services like DTDC, Balzeflash that offer quite reliable services.

Broadband Internet Services in Rajgir

With advancement in technology, internet has become an important part of the people of all ages. Rajgir, being a prominent tourist place, there are broadband service providers offering reliable internet connectivity options. Both 3G and EVDO mobile facilities are available throughout the city of Rajgir. FTTH, landline internet services, EVDO, 3G services are provided by BSNL. Their connectivity, customer friendly plans and tariffs prove advantageous to the people in Rajgir.

Press and Media Services in Rajgir

Press and Media Services

Press and Media Services play a prominent role in the development of the state as well as the country. They bring about awareness among the people regarding different regional as well as national and international importance. Hindi being an important language here, newspapers like PrabhatKhabar, Hindustan, DainikJagran, Aaj, are quite popular among the people in Rajgir. English dailies like Times of India are also gaining popularity over the recent years.

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