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Shopping in Rajgir

The city of Rajgir is known for its scenic splendour and plethora of tourist attractions. Being home to numerous temples, monasteries and religious sites, this city attracts huge influx of visitors from far and wide. While not exactly known to be shopper’s paradise, Rajgir is the right place for you if you wish to purchase some attractive souvenirs and memorabilia for your loved ones back home. Rajgir is known for its exquisite handicrafts that symbolise the Bihari traditions and reflect the creativity and talent of the local artisans here.

What to buy in Rajgir ?

Rajgir is renowned for its woodwork. Wooden statues, knick knacks, key chains, pen stands, lamps, tables and various other items are in great demand among the locals as well as the tourists visiting Rajgir. Gift items, stone and sea shell items, jewellery and other decorative items can be purchased at reasonable rates from the local markets in Rajgir. There are a number of shops and stalls near prominent tourist locations selling a variety of handicrafts at reasonable rates. Some of the famous handicrafts available in Rajgir include:

Shopping in RajgirWoodwork Crafts: Statues, idols, key chains, pen stands and other decorative items as well as items of daily necessity made of wood, with intricate carvings and attractive designs.

Madhubani Paintings: Popular throughout the state of Bihar, these paintings are a specialty of the womenfolk in Bihar. These paintings are known for their aesthetic value and depict the rich cultural traditions followed by the people in Bihar. These paintings are known for their bright use of colours.

Khatwa: It is the name given to the applique work in Bihar. Various artistic designs are created by cutting a fabric and stitching the pieces to other fabric. It is used for making decorative tents, canopies etc.

Papier Mache: It is a unique and an ancient craft form practised in Bihar. Traditional colourful masks used for various dance forms were made using this craft. You get to purchase decorative bowls, frames, earrings, bangles, trinkets, vases, pots made using this craft from the markets in Rajgir at attractive prices.

Silk Textiles: The Nepura village near Rajgir is known for its traditional tussar silk handloom weaving. Visit this village to purchase some exquisite silk textiles with hand – woven Baavanbuti, Khatwa and Sujini designs and patterns. You can also get hands-on experience in silk weaving, under the guidance of expert weavers.

Sikki Work: Sikki wild grass is used to manufacture toys, boxes and wares decorated with various shapes like elephant, bird, snake, tortoise etc.

Where to shop in Rajgir ?

Religious items like beads, incense sticks, metal statues etc can be purchased from the roadside shops in Rajgir. Various handicraft items can be purchased from the local markets, road side shops and stalls near prominent tourist spots. There are also handicraft shops in hotels like Siddharth Hotel, Hotel Nalanda Regency etc. For authentic tussar silk textiles, head off to Nepura village near Rajgir. Woodwork, handicrafts, statues and decorative articles The main market in Kund area and Aerial Ropeway is home to numerous handicraft shops, where you can purchase beautiful handicrafts at reasonable bargainable prices. The shops selling sculptures and attractive bowls with intricate artistic designs in the Kund area are quite popular among the locals as well as foreign tourists. However apart from the handicrafts and souvenirs, if you wish to have a full-fledged shopping experience, head to the capital, Patna that is considered to be a shopper’s paradise.

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