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Lifestyle in Rajgir

The ‘Abode of Kings’ Rajgir is a holy site that attracts huge number of pilgrims and devotees from nook and corners within the country as well as from outside. The people of Rajgir are known for their warm and friendly nature and simplicity. They lead their lives according to the teachings of Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira, who are believed to have spent considerable time in Rajgir, in meditation and delivering various sermons. Rajgir can be considered to be a melting pot, where people belonging to different religions and communities live together under one roof, assuming a common identity. A visit to this place is a must if you want to experience if you wish to experience the unique lifestyle and rich Indian culture.

Traditional Lifestyle in Rajgir

Rajgir is one of those Indian cities that has managed to retain its traditional Indian roots to a considerable extent, despite the influence of Western culture. It is one of those cities that reminds you of monks clad in saffron robes chanting sacred hymns. The people of Rajgir are simple and orthodox in their beliefs and practices. All festivals are celebrated in typical Indian style amidst pomp and zeal.

Traditional lifestyle in Rajgir

Traditional folk songs and dances form an integral part of the celebrations. Traditional costumes of women include sarees, while the men prefer wearing dhotis and kurta. The cuisines are simple, yet healthy, a typical thali consisting of rice, dal, picle and vegetables. Rajgir is famous for its wood work and traditional handicrafts like Madhubani paintings, wall hangings, applique work etc. These handiworks represent the rich Bihari culture and traditions and reflect the creativity of the local artisans.

Influence of Western Lifestyle in Rajgir

Influence of Western lifestyle in RajgirWith the advent of technology and influence of Western culture, Rajgir too is slowly undergoing changes in matters of food, culture and lifestyle. Salwar kameez, skirts, kurtis are gaining popularity among the women, while the men have started wearing jeans, shorts, shirt and trousers etc. Fast food is gaining immense popularity, especially among the younger generations. Various restaurants, eating joints and hangouts are sprawling up in various parts of the city and are attracting huge crowds of youngsters. Restaurants like Indo Hokke and Lotus are known for their Japanese, Nepalese ans Chinese authentic cuisines. Various hotels and tourist bungalows have been set up equipped with modern amenities to ensure that the tourists have a comfortable stay. Men as well as women have started becoming beauty conscious and various beauty parlours and spas are being set up throughout the city.

Entertainment in Rajgir

The people of Rajgir are orthodox in their beliefs and practices and this explains the reason for the absence of an active nightlife in this region. There are restaurants, equipped with well stocked bars, serving the guests choicest liquor varieties. Folk songs and dances are the major sources of entertainment here and form a major part of the festivities and celebrations here. The Rajgir Dance Festival celebrated every year showcases various folk songs and dance forms and is a major source of entertainment for the people here. The people also visit the Shobha Samrat Theatre in Rajgir for entertainment.

Sobha Samrat Theatre
Address: Rajgir H O, Rajgir - 803116
Phone No: +(91)-9431497474

Thus Rajgir, with its unique lifestyle and traditional customs and practices never disappoints its visitors and provides them with an enchanting experience. It contains in itself a piece of India’s rich and glorious past and continues to mesmerise the present generations with its charm and glory.

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