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Cuisines of Rajgir

Rajgir is known for its association with Lord Buddha as well as Lord Mahavira. It is a beautiful place, replete with mountains, temples and monasteries. Rajgir thus attracts pilgrims, history lovers and common people from different walks of life from within the country as well as from abroad. The people of Rajgir are known for their traditional values and customs. The people here are warm and friendly and follow a simple lifestyle. Their simplicity is reflected in their cuisines and eating habits as well. Rajgir is known for its delectable, yet healthy cuisine with mouth-watering sweets.

Traditional Food of Rajgir

Food of Rajgir

The traditional cuisines of Rajgir have evolved over centuries and have their roots in the ancient past. Their cooking can be said to be a blend of the Maurya and Gupta style of cooking. The cuisine in Rajgir is predominantly vegetarian and is quite nutritious. It is greatly influenced by the local vegetation and the existing geographical conditions. Rice and wheat form the staple diet of the people in Rajgir. Vegetables form an integral part of the meals here. A speciality of the cooking style here is the liberal use of exotic spices that infuses strong aroma. A typical healthy thali includes rice, roti, dal, vegetables and pickle.

Snacks and Beverages of Rajgir

Apart from the traditional cuisines, Rajgir is quite popular for its evening snacks and healthy beverages. The litti chokha, that has almost assumed the status of being a special identity of Bihar, is savoured by the locals as well as tourists visiting Rajgir. Though available in various shapes, the ball shaped ones are quite popular and are in great demand. Dalpuri and Baingan ka Bharta are other famous dishes that are in great demand among the tourists. Other popular snacks in Rajgir include samosas, chat, dahi vada, kachori, dahi choora, parathas etc.Sattu Paani and dairy products like lassi and yoghurt form an integral part of their meals. Sattu paani, made of roasted grains is quite healthy and nutritious, especially if consumed early in the morning. Beverages like thandhai and bhang are consumed during festivals. Aam Jora or the green mango juice is served during summer season and is known for its medicinal value.

Sweets of Rajgir

Cuisines of RajgirThe very mention of the city Rajgir reminds one of the lip smacking sweet dishes – Khaja. Though Silao near Rajgir is famous for its tasty khajas, the khaja of Rajgir is equally tasty and in demand. Made up of layers of flour, coated with sugar juice, this delectable preparation melts in the mouth as soon as it is eaten. It was believed to be a favourite of Lord Buddha as well. Tilkut and anarsa are also a must try, while visiting Rajgir and its nearby locations. Lai ka Laddu, kesariya peda, malpua, gulab jamun are other sweets that are not to be missed, while in Rajgir. No journey to Rajgir can be considered complete without getting taste of these famous sweet items.

Restaurants in Rajgir

There are a number of eating joints and food stalls near prominent tourist places in Rajgir that serve a variety of delicious snacks. There are also a number of restaurants that are known for their culinary delights.The Rajgir Residency Restaurant is quite popular and serves various Indian, Korean, Thai, Chinese and Japanese sushi dishes. It also has a well-stocked bar.If you want to taste some authentic Japanese and Nepalese delicacies, head off to the Lotus Restaurant. Do try out the soba noodles, tempura and teriyaki that are specialties of this restaurant.

The Rajgir Residency Restaurants
Address: The Rajgir Residency, Rajgir H O, Rajgir - 803116
Phone No: (91)-6112-255404, 255405

Lotus Restaurants & Bar
Address: C/O Indo Hokke Hotel, Near Veerayatan, Rajgir H O, Rajgir - 803116
Phone No: (91)-9431024292, (91)-6112-255245, 255036

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